Hi, I’m Cookie!

Welcome to my world!

First, let me introduce myself:

I am Cookie, a little puppy girl, born July 20th,  2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. My life didn’t begin all that lucky and happy, my father passed away and I was left for days with my mother and sisters alone in a house, when my adoptive mother was hospitalized.

Fortunately, friendly people found me and took me to my next home, to a nice and caring woman named Patricia, who took great care of me (and a bunch of other dogs and cats :-), thus saving my young life. Thank you, Patricia, I will never forget you!

The next weeks are pretty much a blur, but at some point, there was big excitement. A nice lady visited, introducing herself as Svetla, fussing all about me and telling me that she (and her husband) would adopt me. Curious as I am by nature, I thought to myself „all right, then, she seems nice enough“ and embarked on my new life. And so it began:

Day 1, November 1st, 2018:

First we went to a nice hotel. Well, I don’t really have experience in judging hotels, but this one sure was nice. Five star and all, in the center of Lisbon. I got fed, Svetla played with me, put a nice, fluffy, soft blanked on the floor next to her bed and we went to sleep. Lights out.

You have to understand that being in this new environment was not exactly easy for me, despite the comfortable room. So yeah, I might have whined a little, which resulted in Svetla taking her pillow and blanket and laying down next to me on the floor. Nighty-night!

Day 2, November 2nd, 2018:

After a short nap Svetla woke me up, telling me that we had to go the airport. Now, at this point, I might tell you that I am not exactly a morning-dog, I like my sleep. A lot. But Svetla was quite insisting, so shortly thereafter here I was, inside a new trolley with my soft blanket and off we went to the airport.

Wow, all those sounds, smells, a cab-ride, the bright lights of the airport, I have to say, quite an exciting adventure! But that was just the start! We boarded an A-I-R-P-L-A-N-E!

Now, I am not too sure, how many dogs get to fly, certainly no one of my family ever had, so I was incredibly excited. Lufthansa, no less, and business class. That’s one dog travelling in style, I can tell you.

I bet Svetla was worried that I would be afraid, maybe even panicky, but no worries, I can tell you right here, flying is my thing. The sounds, the smells, the feeling, – priceless. I slept through the entire flight, – did I mention that I like sleeping?

We landed in Munich and boarded an Austrian Airlines Airbus for the short hop to Vienna. I guess that makes me a frequent flyer dog, two sectors in one day, not bad, eh?

After we landed, I met Svetla’s husband Norbert, a nice guy and a pilot, no less. Perfect. Me, the now EFFD (experienced frequent flyer dog) and a real Captain. Oh, the conversations we’ll have about flying, takeoffs, landings, ILS, calibrated airspeed, don’t you underestimate me!

Next thing I know, I am being put in this black Range Rover, a ride way nicer than the taxi in Lisbon. Half an hour later I entered what is to be my new home, a nice and spacious rooftop apartment. This is really getting better by the minute.

So, dear readers of my blog, here I am in my new home, I have my own little dog-couch, my own little dog-bed in the bedroom and a veritable myriad of toys . I love to run around in the living room, the terrace next to the kitchen is one of my favorite places to be, but my all-time favorite is the big couch in the hall, lying on my soft blanket right between Svetla and Norbert, especially in the evening, all of us watching TV.

Yes, you heard right, I actually like watching TV. True, I might not always understand the whole plot of the movie, I am a dog, remember? But again, don’t underestimate me, I understand more than you’d think. Take „Law and Order“, for example. The yarn Dick Wolf is weaving, … – but I get carried away.

Day 3, November 3rd, 2018:

The excitement just doesn’t end.

Everyday something new, I am loving this. Today we went outside, and I was introduced to my new collar and leash. It does feel strange at the beginning but, smart as I am, I got the hang of it pretty quick. I stop, when I feel that the leash is being pulled, sometimes I do have difficulties deciding, whether to walk to the right or left of Norbert, who is usually the person handling the leash. Must be a pilot thing.

He then gets all tangled up in the leash, it’s hilarious.

We went to the park, the dog-zone, where I am allowed to roam around freely without the leash. We played a lot, I actually got to meet another dog, a small, quiet fellow, who was friendly enough to just sniff a little at me and then went on his way.

Svetla and Norbert keep telling me to „make“ or „do my business“, while I am in the dog-zone, they seem all excited and insistent. But you know what? I just do not feel comfortable yet to do that outside. It’s a privacy issue and I am still too much distracted by all the sounds and smells. I prefer to hold it in and wait to get home to find my two diaper-pads. Svetla and Norbert don’t seem to be too happy about that, especially, when I fail to find the diaper-pads in time, but hey, I am a puppy, so please give me a little time to adapt.

Food is great. Chicken, minced meat, veggies and, as a special treat, something like dried meat-sticks, I sure like those. A toy and a meal, whoever thought of that should be honored an award.

So, ’nough said for now, nap-time for me. Tomorrow, I was promised another excitement (seriously, this just keeps getting better), I will meet another dog in the apartment. A poodle named Bea, apparently a very friendly girl.

Never met a poodle before, so I am quite excited. I’ll let you know how that went, puppy-promise!

Day 7, November 7th

Sorry, my dear readers that I haven’t written in a few days.

As you can imagine, the life of a puppy that has just come to live in Vienna is quite exciting. Everyday there’s something new to discover, lots of things to learn, things to get acquainted with.

Today, however, something reportworthy happened. My first visit at the vet’s office.

When I arrived with Svetlana at „Tierklinik Meidling“, Norbert was there, too. Going to the doctor is obviously a big thing, both Svetlana and Norbert seemed to be very excited. I was put on a scale in the waiting room, 3,15 kg is my current weight. Then we were called in to see the doctor.

The doctor, Dr. Mario Pichler, is a very nice man. He did what doctors do, checked my chip, my tongue, my teeth, my eyes, my legs, – everything. I endured all of this patiently, the guy was nice enough to help me through the ordeal by offering some treats.

I am proud to say that not only was I pronounced to be in good health, but I am now officially registered in Vienna, even my passport was changed to reflect my new name „Cookie“. All official now, as it should be.

I have to go there again in two weeks, the doctor said something about a vaccination that is due. Should I be scared of this? Well, I’ll worry about that later and I’ll keep you informed.

Day 9, November 9th

Just a quick update:

Vienna is definitely colder than Lisbon. Autumn seems to have arrived according to my adoptive parents, mornings and evenings are downright chilly. I don’t mind, though, I still like it outside, everytime Svetlana or Norbert take me to the park. I keep warm by running up and down the entire dog-zone. It’s fun there, sometimes we’re alone, sometimes I get to play with other dogs. Svetlana always makes a big fuss about how I am not scared of the other dogs, she seems all impressed about my social skills.

I have become really good friends with Bea, Irena’s poodle. He comes here several times a week and we have a great time playing. I learned a whole new game, it’s called something like „chase-the-ball-and-bring-it-back-to-whoever-threw-it“. It’s fun, really, and whoever throws the ball seems really excited, when I bring it back, which is, well, most of the time. I am still learning, come on, give me some credit, the rules are complicated for a three month old puppy.

Well, as much as I would like to tell you more about my days here, it is naptime now, so I’ll be back later with more updates.  Meanwhile, enjoy the videos. See ya‘!

Day 31, December 1st

Sorry, my dear readers, that you haven’t heard from me so long. My adoptive parents were kind of busy, and as much as I wanted to write something, I am sure you realize that I cannot do this on my own. My paws and the computer keyboard just don’t seem to get along very well.

Anyway, this morning I woke up and everything was … different.

Everything was white outside, the floor of the terrace, the roofs, everything was covered with about one inch of a white, glistening substance, something I had never seen before. Of course, this called for immediate exploring.

This stuff is acutally quite funny. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s fluffy, it’s absolute fun to play in and you can actually eat it. Well, obviously you shouldn’t, Svetla and Norbert were not all happy about me taking a few snoutfuls of it.

The stuff covered everything, even the streets, as I later found out, and my beloved dog-zone in the park. When we went there, I met two regulars, Mr. and Mrs. Basset.

Mr. Basset is a real Sir, 9 years old, a mighty dog with a deep baritone voice, long ears, drooping eayes, the whole basset works. When he barks, everyone in the dog-zone snaps to attention and you have the feeling that any second now even the doves will fall out of the trees.

I asked Mrs. Basset, the younger of the two: „Hey, what’s this white stuff that’s everywhere?“

„Cookie“, she said, „that’s snow. We don’t get to see much of it in Vienna, but two or three times the city gets covered by snow, sometimes more, sometimes less. Fun, when you’re out, when it snows. Snowflakes are falling everywhere, it’s quite a sight. Don’t eat too much of it, though, it’s really cold and might make your tummy ache. And by all means, don’t ever eat yellow snow.“

„Yep,“ Mr. Basset said in his low growl, much like an old jazz singer, „winter’s here. And Christmas is just around the corner.“

I had no idea, what he was on about, I actually looked around all corners of the dog-zone, no Christmas in sight. Well, not that I know, what Christmas is or looks like, but I certainly will find that out and let you know.

That’s it for today, my friends, time for lunch.